Do you want word of mouth?

Then you have to be GOOD at what you do.


If you want to get busy then you HAVE to get results! Stop making excuses about how there is not a big enough market, or that people just don't refer. If you get good results, you WILL get busy, no matter where you are or what the market is like.

The beginning of a great business is great results, if you have an efficient effective technique that can get an awesome improvement inside the first treatment with a new patient, then your confidence in YOURSELF grows AND your patients confidence in you grows.

Most soft tissue specialists have never realised just HOW QUICKLY skeletal muscle can respond to the right manipulation.

You have to watch this:

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About Timothy King

Tim studied the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy at RMIT graduating in 1997. Tim founded his clinical practice King Myotherapy in 1998. After 3 months of practice Tim was astounded at the massive percentage of patients that presented with myofascial symptoms. After 3 years of practice Tim was treating one hundred patients a week.

He has worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, consulted more than 6000 patients, has owned and directed several clinics, subcontracted to industry, consulted professional sports teams and earned a solid reputation as quality therapist in the greater Geelong region. Tim has been writing regular posts for his patients for the last 2 years through