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Timothy J King

If you want to get out of pain, shorten treatment time, increase clinic revenues and achieve the success potential you know is possible, this is THE FASTEST possible way I can help you.

These free conversations are limited.

People are coming away from these calls with clarity and a way forward.

So what's wrong with the way you're operating? What do you need to tweak to get you moving again and growing your practice? How can you most simply improve your outcomes or increase your efficiency.

I've realised a lot of people in my industry are needlessly struggling and could use help with this stuff, and that's why I'm offering to help people - as many as my limited time allows.

Take action, now. Schedule your free call by clicking the button above. I look forward to speaking with you.

Timothy J King

If you are not ready to book a chat but want more information then follow THIS page to access a tutorial that will help you begin to THINK differently and TREAT more efficiently.

HERE is the link. 

Sebastien Poisson Sebastien Poisson, Director - Corrective Therapeutics

I absolutely love the results-focused approach v/s the time-focused approach… If the results are achieved in 20mins I don’t dwell on the issue. Goodbye & see you in 7 days or I ask if they have another issue.

Mark Day Mark Day, Aware Health and Clinical Pilates

I wanted to be able to reduce my timeframes with patients while still maintaining great results. A normal week for me would see me treat 30-40 people with little room to see any more patient’s due to those longer treatment timeframes and now my goal is to see 50-60 patients a week, without having to increase my clinical hours and without being completely exhausted at the end of the week.

Courtney Willis Courtney Willis, Myotherapist - Victoria

I cannot begin to explain the efficiency I now have as a therapist. My confidence in rebooking patients and when they need to rebook, the postural tools they can take into account daily when not getting treatment and the efficient treatments and results that are occurring with the clients.

Christine Knox Christine Knox, Owner of CK Massage

The reduction in pain especially of ‘joint’ pain has had clients amazed and impressed. I have been called a ‘white witch’ by clients before but now this happens on a daily basis!! Not only that but I can see people for 30mins instead of 60mins or 90mins.