"Better clinical outcomes with less physical labour." 

"Overall, my positive outcomes have increased, my rebooking rates have increased, I am seeing more patients and I am less tired. I am using my brain more than my arms."

Gary - Myotherapist, Victoria.

Forget myofascial release and long ischemic compression holds. The body can respond to precise, brief soft tissue manipulation VERY quickly.


Don't shorten your career because your techniques are too labour intensive. Change the way you work today.


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About Timothy King

Tim studied Myotherapy at RMIT graduating in 1997. Tim founded his clinical practice King Myotherapy in 1998. After 3 years of practice Tim was treating one hundred patients a week.

He has worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, provided more than 60 000 consultations, has owned and directed several clinics, subcontracted to industry, consulted professional sports teams.