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FNFT: TMD & Orofacial Pain

A Practitioners Guide to Treating TMD and Orofacial Pain

Congratulations on taking the step to join global allied health professionals to recognise, assess and effectively treat TMD and Orofacial pain. 


  • Lifetime access
  • FNFT: TMD and Orofacial Pain course
  • Plus detailed bonus material including infant assessment, anatomical review, FNFT delivery in clinic by OMT Sarah Beach and more.

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First in MODULE 1, we will cover Management for Acute Presentations.

In this module you will learn the most efficient method of muscle manipulation to improve range of movement and restore muscle function. You will learn the most up to date science on myofascial restrictions and a rationale that helps explain FNFT's great clinical heaps more.

In MODULE 2, We will look at Rehabilitation for Myofascial TMD, and unpack the relationship between tongue function, fascia and TMD. You will learn intra-oral techniques, myofunctional exercises for TMD, anatomy and reinforce your learning with a great case study.

MODULE 3, will introduce a protocol for Considerations for complex presentations. Tongue function, airway, cervical posture, sleep and fitness, can all contribute to chronic pain presentation. This module will tell you what to ask, and will introduce some simple interventions that will help patients in chronic pain. PLUS FNFT techniques for breathing and swallowing difficulties. You will love feeling more clear, confident, and excited about your ability to not just manage but possibly for the first time solve TMJ and Orofacial Pain for your patients.

Also - MODULE 4 - Our BONUS module material includes infant assessment, FNFT delivery in the dental context by Sarah Beach, further anatomical review as well as connection opportunities for face to face training, FB discussion and further online training opportunities.


Please note that your personal access code will be sent to your designated email address

Disclaimer: Please ensure you work within your professional scope of practice when applying these gentle FNFT release techniques to patients in your own State or Territory

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