TMD & Orofacial Pain Course

A Practitioners Guide to Treating TMD and Orofacial Pain

The FNFT: TMD and Orofacial Pain course is a program designed by oral health professionals for oral health professionals

Time and time again patients are shuffled from doctors to specialists, and then to physiotherapists or massage therapists, in the search to treat commonly overlooked pain presentations. Through the TMD and Orofacial Pain course, world-leading Myotherapist, Timothy King and Oral Health Practitioner, Sarah Beach unpack just how simple finding a solution can be; so you can treat or know who to refer your patients to the moment they walk into your clinic.

Delivered digitally with over 8 hours of video content, detailed tutorials and case studies, the TMD and Orofacial Pain course has been recognised by leading health professionals globally as a must-have guide to holistically recognise, assess and successfully treat common and complex considerations of TMD and orofacial pains with confidence.


Who is TMD and Orofacial Pain Course For?


  • Dentists, Orofacial Myofunctional Therapists, Orthodontists  and Allied Health Professionals
  • Professionals and clinics wanting a detailed course to assess and train staff using the latest scientific research around TMD and TMJ pain management
  • Professionals who want to be able to treat patients appropriately to manage ailments holistically
  • Professionals who want confidence and clarity around other practitioners they can refer their patients in complex considerations
  • Practitioners who want to become the trusted expert in their field
  • Clinics looking to grow their client base through raving referrals and repeat client bookings

What You’ll Learn

Across three modules Timothy King (BTh, Adv. Dip. App. Sci. Myotherapy, Member M.A. ) and Sarah Beach (BHSc BA Cert SDT RDH ROHT) break down differential diagnosis, neuromuscular release techniques and myofunctional therapy for TMD and orofacial pain.



Module 1 - Management for Acute Presentations

In this module you will learn the most efficient method of muscle manipulation to improve range of movement and restore muscle function using the most up to date science on myofascial restrictions with a rationale that helps explain FNFT's great clinical outcomes.

Module 2 - Rehabilitation for Myofascial TMD

Module 2 unpacks the relationship between tongue function, fascia and TMD. You will learn intraoral techniques, myofunctional exercises for TMD, anatomy and reinforce your learning through an incredible case study of the Four Muscle Protocol.

Module 3 - Considerations for complex presentations

Tongue function, airway, cervical posture, sleep and fitness can all contribute to chronic pain presentation, in module 3 you will be introduced to a protocol for complex considerations that will guide you through important questions to ask and introduce simple interventions to help patients in chronic pain. Module 3 also covers FNFT techniques for breathing and swallowing difficulties to give you a great overview for working with your clients holistically to ensure the best result in alignment with their lifestyle.

Module 4 - Assessment and Application

Module 4 includes infant assessment, FNFT delivery in clinic by OMT Sarah Beach, further anatomical review as well as connection opportunities for face to face training, FB discussion and further online training opportunities.


Disclaimer: Please ensure you work within your professional scope of practice when applying these gentle FNFT release techniques to patients in your own State or Territory

Watch a free sample of the training here...


Timothy King

BTh, Adv. Dip. App. Sci. Myotherapy, Member M.A.


Timothy King is an innovative world leading Myotherapist from Australia. His FNFT (Functional Neuromyo- Fascial) soft tissue techniques lead to lasting clinical outcomes. The efficiency of the technique has enabled Tim to see 100 patients per week regularly. Tim’s 6 week online FNFT Foundations training runs at capacity several times each year.

Sarah Beach



Sarah Beach is a registered dental practitioner who is a Coulson Institute trained Orofacial Myologist, LVI and Myomentor. Sarah has been incorporating FNFT techniques into her Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy program for the past few years and now uses many of Tim’s techniques for incredibly fast pain relief.


Over 8 hours of tutorials and hands on demonstrations that will equip you to address common TMD and orofacial pain presentations with confidence.
  • Welcome
  • Module 1 Introduction
  • Course overview
  • References and Terminology
  • Pain Differential diagnosis
  • Simplifying common pain presentations
  • Assessment of the Temporomandibular joint
  • Science Review 1
  • Science Review 2
  • FNFT Treatment principles
  • FNFT Treatment protocol: Part 1 – Acute
  • Basic measurements and observations
  • Cross fibre manipulation
  • Temporalis - Anatomy Overview
  • Temporalis - FNFT Assessment and treatment
  • Masseter - Anatomy Overview
  • Masseter - FNFT Assessment and treatment
  • Module 1 Review and application
  • Module 2 Introduction
  • Testimonial – Michaels Story
  • Fascia and Functional anatomy – Thinking globally
  • Tongue posture and orofacial function
  • Tongue function and TMJ dysfunction
  • Tongue Tie and associated compensations
  • Science Review 3
  • FNFT Treatment Protocol - Part 2 - Persistent myofascial dysfunction
  • Case Study 1 – Four muscle protocol
  • Medial Pterygoid - Anatomy Overview
  • Medial Pterygoid - FNFT Assessment and treatment
  • Lateral Pterygoid - Anatomy Overview
  • Lateral Pterygoid - FNFT Assessment and treatment
  • Exercise Prescription - Review
  • Module 2 - Review and application
  • Introduction
  • TM Joint - Anatomy and articular dysfunctions
  • FNFT for Cervical muscles - Treatment demonstration
  • Cervical Spine - Prescriptive Exercise
  • Science Review 4
  • FNFT – Treatment protocol 3 - Chronic pain and complex presentations
  • Case Study 2 - Articular dysfunction and dynamic compensations
  • Module 3 - Review and application
  • Step by Step Assessment
  • Digastric - Anatomy overview
  • Suboccipitals - Anatomy overview
  • Sternocleidomastoid- Anatomy overview
  • FNFT for Cervical Spine - Treatment demonstration
  • FNFT for autonomic symptoms
  • Infant assessment
  • Patient interaction and therapeutic alliance
  • Introductory Assessment - Recognising headache and TMD
  • In the dental / OMT context – Four muscle protocol
  • Face to face training opportunities

FNFT: TMD And Orofacial Pain Course Testimonials

Angie Lehman

“This is hands-down the best course I have EVER seen on the connection between fascia, TMJ, cervical spine and tongue posture…”

Angie Lehman Leading Orofacial Myofunctional Expert Therapist USA