WEBINAR: Headaches masterclass. 

If you are a Myo, MST or RM then you have the potential to be a headache specialist.


This webinar will inspire you with the amazing capacity for skilled soft tissue therapy to resolve chronic headaches.


  • Learn that 95% of headaches fit into one of two main categories and how to clinically differentiate.
  • Observe a clinical assessment framework that can progressively unravel and address even the most chronic presentations.
  • Watch the most efficient and effective form of soft tissue manipulation.

I suffered from chronic headaches for 10 years. It’s been 3 years now since my last treatment and I am headache free. Mark.

The change to my life is beyond amazing, as my son said to me “Mum it is a pity it took 80 years for you to find Tim!” Jenny.




COST: Free.


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About Timothy King

Tim founded his clinical practice King Myotherapy in 1998. He has treated over 100 patients a week, worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, owned and directed several clinics, subcontracted to industry, consulted professional sports teams and earned a solid reputation as a trusted therapist having consulted more than 6000 patients. Tim has been writing regular posts for his patients for the last 2 years through kingmyotherapy.com.