WEBINAR: The secrets to my myotherapy success.

I built my Myotherapy business from zero to 100 patients a week in 3 years.


This raises a few questions for most Myotherapists.


First: How did you get so busy?

Answer: Word-of-mouth. This of course occurs as a result of getting brilliant, lasting clinical outcomes.

The second question is usually: How on earth can a Myo see 100 patients a week?

Answer: First, lay down your old notions about myofascial pain being caused by mechanical dysfunction and start thinking about myofascial pain as an intelligent intentional mechanism. Second, develop a technique that is gentle, fast and functional. Most Myos still think mechanically and have no idea just how quickly skeletal muscle can respond to the right kind of manipulation.

In this webinar I will describe my trade secrets in technique and critical problem solving as well as reflect on the opportunity for Myotherapy in relation to current clinical and scientific trends. You will also get some take away application.



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About Timothy King

Tim founded his clinical practice King Myotherapy in 1998. He has worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, has owned and directed several clinics, subcontracted to industry, consulted professional sports teams and earned a solid reputation as a trusted therapist having consulted more than 6000 patients. Tim has been writing regular posts for his patients for the last 2 years through kingmyotherapy.com.