I cannot begin to explain the efficiency I now have as a therapist. My confidence in rebooking patients and when they need to rebook, the postural tools they can take into account daily when not getting treatment and the efficient treatments and results that are occurring with the clients. My treatments, assessments and note taking has improved dramatically and cannot express how grateful I am to have taken this course and everything I have learnt from it.

This course has improved every quality of myself as a Myotherapist, running my own business, setting and achieving my goals, my understanding hoe the body is connected and works under our hands, and finally getting the results I want for each and every client that walks into my clinic. I cannot believe that amount of information I have taken from this program and used in my clinic everyday.

When talking to customers or other practitioners, the confidence I now have in myself enables me to tell the clients the plans I have for their treatments, what I can do to help them and what they can expect to get out of their sessions. I am so happy I got the courage to participate and hope that so many more other Myotherapists do this course too as it is worth every second attending.

Thank you so much Tim! it has been an absolute pleasure and I love your work!