“…Getting more patients through word of mouth. I have also shared the technique with my colleagues who are also seeing the results. Your course content is awesome! Love that I can keep going back and watching …Timothy King, I wish I had met you a long time ago…”

The fact that the treatment works exceptionally well just makes everything easier.

I’m consistently getting results like this in insanely short amounts of time. It’s kind of annoying how much better a therapist I feel like I am since doing Tim’s course. I thought I was already good… well I was, but I was slow, and I feel like I’m getting more consistent, predictable results now.

The course is basically improving all aspects of my professional life, and it’s all flowing on to the personal life, I’m happy.

I started Tim’s training and it was one of the best decision I could have made. It gave me the confidence to change how I was working, cut my time frames down and gave me tools that enabled me to communicate with my clients at a different way. I was able to implement his process immediately, show clients great result within minutes and build their confidence in me.

Things that was impossible become possible in my mind. Totally life changing training. I now have created more time to help more people, more time to be with my son, more time to work on building and managing my business.

Hi Tim, I just wanting to take this time to say a huge thank you! The last 6 weeks  have been fabulous and I am very thankful for your time in sharing this knowledge with fellow therapists. I can’t wait to keep adapting and advancing my skills as I continue to go through your course again…Read more and watch Emily’s VIDEO testimonial here.

Already I am finding that I am not as tired, just less physical work is necessary for the same outcome, my body is not as sore. I am sure once I have this down pat that I will have people lining up, I am already fairly busy but am looking to employ another therapist and I’m sure given the outcomes of this treatment that I will be able to give another therapist the job of remedial massage and maintenance while I focus on a clinical service and this will also greatly increase my income doing things this way. It has been a pleasure and I am excited about the future of my business and how much more I will be able to serve my community and help people live better, pain free lives.

Thanks so much Tim!

I’d just like to say that this course has been revolutionary for me. After all these years of studying and working in different modalities, including alternative medicine using healing implements and devices with, and alongside many practitioners. I thought I had learned pretty much everything there was to know about the musculoskeletal system, massage therapy and complimentary therapies. I didn’t think there would be another way that would make such a difference. Seeing the instant improvement in pain and increased ROM has been astounding! FNFT has absolutely been the most beneficial treatment for my clients. Thank you for your support and patience with facilitating this course, and for passing on your wealth of knowledge.

This training has changed the way I see massage and bodywork. My goal is to see people resolve their pain issues….this training has given me a key to unlock their pain. I am confident that the more efficient I become that it will equate to more clients with less energy expended. With great results! Julia

This training has provided me with some clinical reasoning skills that will help me build my reputation and success with treating pain and stiffness.

I have found my ability to explain a condition and the expected outcome to a patient has greatly increased…. Read more and watch Tom’s VIDEO testimonial here

It actually amazed me how quickly I can stimulate a body to change without the need to push the patient through the table. This, along with being able to do most of my work through clothes, is such a time saver. And I have got great feedback from patients who actually prefer being able to just lay/sit without having to go through the hassle of getting undressed and being lathered in oil.

I absolutely love what I do, it is such a rewarding career, and I feel that I am now able to help more people through the week (as I can cut down on treatment times) which in turn is also going to generate a better income – which will make my boss happy! Thank you Tim!

I absolutely loved the course and found it so valuable in being able to actually apply the modules into my treatments. I now get every patient to pinpoint their pain each and every treatment, which helps me to know exactly where there pain is coming from. I dont have to put so much energy and time into the treatment also not feel I’m rushing the treatment, I’m retesting all the way thru the session…Read more and watch Jackie’s VIDEO testimonial here.

This course has made me realise that I have the knowledge, the intelligence and the skills to run an extremely successful business.

I have found I’m done in most cases in by the 20 minute mark and am covering off other things like healing, how to observe for changes, and educating on biomechanical changes with basic pilates corrective exercise. Because I feel like I am assessing thoroughly and have specific information I’m getting great notes down on paper which is making repeat appointments more effective as I’ve got quality information to go off. Because I can look and read, show charts, describe previous symptoms I’m getting better patient buy in too which is a big fat bonus on the way to patient outcomes..Read more and watch Helen’s VIDEO testimonial here.

Thanks Tim!

I cannot begin to explain the efficiency I now have as a therapist. My confidence in rebooking patients and when they need to rebook, the postural tools they can take into account daily when not getting treatment and the efficient treatments and results that are occurring with the clients…

The reduction in pain especially of ‘joint’ pain has had clients amazed and impressed. I have been called a ‘white witch’ by clients before but now this happens on a daily basis!! Not only that but I can see people for 30mins instead of 60mins or 90mins….and I can send them to other staff members to fulfil their relaxation and touch needs so, I can focus on helping people out of pain…Read more here..

I had a patient this week who told they had NO disc in their L4/L5. They have been in pain for 10+ years and being told by practitioners that they ‘would not lay a hand on them’. The next day they called me to say they have NO pain. As a young practitioner, word of mouth is a big thing in Myo and it’s already starting to happen for me. I have loved every minute of this course and it’s only increased my passion for the profession …Read more here…

I used this method for a patient with headaches & achieved faster results due to an organized action plan. I absolutely love the results-focused approach v/s the time-focused approach… If the results are achieved in 20mins I don’t dwell on the issue. Goodbye & see you in 7 days or I ask if they have another issue. I also believe that this training has re-established the value & positioning of Myotherapy on the market.… Read more here…

Before undertaking this training I was looking to get away from trading on time and instead trading on results. I wanted to be able to reduce my timeframes with patients while still maintaining great results. A normal week for me would see me treat 30-40 people with little room to see any more patient’s due to those longer treatment time frames and now my goal is to see 50-60 patients a week, without having to increase my clinical hours and without being completely exhausted at the end of the week. After completing this program I can clearly see how I can achieve these goals. This training has given me the confidence and the tools to make these changes .… Read more here…

The biggest thing I have gained from this training has been the ability to set treatment session limits, being confident in telling a patient I no longer need to see them, the job is done! I’m so glad I did this training at this stage. Having recently started my own business, it has allowed me head in the right direction. I’ve known from the start (upon studying Myo) this is how I wanted to treat, to separate what I do from that of a massage therapist was important for me but retaining our hands-on training also imperative. This course cemented this and I was so happy to find someone out there that treated the way you do. I can’t tell you how many Myo’s I see who end up reverting back to being massage therapists at the pressure of their clinics/employers. I tell my patients I probably treat differently to what they expect but the results speak for themselves so they are more than happy …Read more here…

Tim your material is great.

Modules are just the right length and topics really good. Also a great mix of theory and practice. I am much more confident and am in the wonderful position of being able to make a fresh start using this method in my brand new practice due to open in the next week! I know that I will be able to see many more clients, assess them better, and get quicker results, better long standing results and look after my well-being as well.

No more feeling wiped out at the end of the day….!

This training has provided the confidence in myself as a Myotherapist.

Now having my ‘motive’ in mind the whole time keeps me enthusiastic. It has given me clear direction in how I want to structure my clinic. It has given me better structure to my schedule, I know that I won’t be exhausted after treating 4 clients like I used to with my old style of treating. This allows me to treat more people in a shorter period of time.


My understanding of pain patterns has increased dramatically when clients come in with complaints. I can now confidently identify what muscles and trigger points are affecting that area.

This course has made me more confident in my treatment efficiency and allowed me to cut my treatments to 45 minutes, which has always been my goal. Cutting my treatments down and having the ability to get results in a shorter period of time has allowed me to increase my take home exercises and increased my client’s confidence in me as a therapist.

My clients are stoked that they can get better results in shorter time on the table.

This training gives me years longer in my industry. In the short time that I have been using this technique, the difference in my own body is amazing. I don’t feel like I have had a half hour or hour workout at the gym at the end of my sessions now – its great ! I just wish that I had have learnt this 11 years ago !!!

I have become more efficient, I’m not spending as long in certain areas and am able to cover more in my treatments and feel I have achieved results. All my new customers are receiving my new method with great results.

I would suggest highly to do the FNFT course as it highlights a few areas that may be just this missing pieces to your puzzle, Thanks Tim.

Getting better results for my clients and therefore helping more people. I think the training has made me be a better problem solver & I am more thorough asking questions about pain patterns, injury sight etc. The training has complimented my existing way of treating.

This training has given me a much clearer path within my treatments and also for my career as a Myo. It is important to me that my clients see that I am confident as well, so that they feel safe with me and feel like we both have a treatment map to follow and so that they believe that we are going to achieve awesome long lasting results for them. I can’t wait to be the therapist I have always wanted to be.

Now I feel I have a framework/map to follow, which is awesome for me because I love having a plan and having structure!!

I feel I am able to cover more, I explained to my patients the technique I was doing and I would demonstrate the difference in feeling over time with the cross fibre technique and they could not believe how instantaneous it was.

I’ve got a number of clients using the term “magic” when their pain disappears after a short manipulation….Read more and watch Marcus’ s VIDEO testimonial here

Case Studies with busy therapists