Working with a lady who had suffered daily headaches for many years. After one treatment, she contacted me the following day to let me know it was the first day for as long as she could remember where she had not suffered a headache. I’ve had a few success stories since starting the course and adjusting the way I treat. I have found the headache section of the course very beneficial and as Myo’s feel we make a huge impact in this area for people. Such a shame headache suffers see everyone else before coming to us first! This is something I am going to work towards changing.

I have always felt confident in what I am doing but this course has enabled me to scale things back and not overwork it, it’s stopped me from throwing too many things into the mix and enabled me to treat more simply and effectively. I feel confident in treating this way and explaining why I am treating this way. I’m fortunate having my own business as I set the standard I work by and I have had no issues with new patients and treating this way.

Probably the biggest thing has been setting treatment session limits and times, being confident in telling a patient I no longer need to see them, the job is done!

I’m so glad I did this training at this stage. Having recently started my own business, it has allowed me head in the right direction. I’ve known from the start (upon studying Myo) this is how I wanted to treat, to separate what I do from that of a massage therapist was important for me but retaining our hands-on training also imperative.

This course cemented this and I was so happy to find someone out there that treated the way you do. I can’t tell you how many Myo’s I see who end up reverting back to being massage therapists at the pressure of their clinics/employers. I tell my patients I probably treat differently to what they expect but the results speak for themselves so they are more than happy

Thanks Tim, I’m really glad I signed up!