I have been treating a patient over the past few weeks who has had years of LHS hip pain that has been getting progressively worse. She had been told by several therapists and surgeons that her hip pain is due to her degenerative osteoarthritis and she will need to have a hip replacement to restore her hip ROM and relieve her pain. She had been told this so much and little to no relief with other forms of treatment that she was on verge of booking her hip replacement surgery in. In the past 4 weeks, she now has approximately 95% of her hip ROM back and only a slight feeling of “restriction” NOT “pain” in her anterior hip. She now says she can’t believe she was considering a full hip replacement. I’ll continue to work with her and hopefully be able to get her back to 100% hip ROM and no pain.

My increased confidence has helped me consolidate that Myotherapy should rightfully be seen as a peer to other treatment modalities like Physiotherapy, Osteopathy & Chiropractic. That increased confidence is obvious to patients and helps me gain their trust that I will be able to help resolve their complaints and give them lasting results.

Definitely.! The ‘Cross Fiber’ technique has allowed not only me but the patients as well just how quickly the body can respond to the right treatment. It has also taught me a lot about how the body compensates and the efficient technique allows me to treat more areas within a single treatment consultation.

Before undertaking the ‘King Myo Pro’ training I was looking get away from trading on time and instead trading on results. I wanted to be able to reduce my timeframes with patients while still maintaining great results. A normal week for me would see me treat 30-40 people with little room to see any more patient’s due to those longer treatment timeframes.

A goal of mine would to be seeing 50-60 patients a week, without having to increase my clinical hours and being completely exhausted at the end of each week. After completing the 7 week ‘King Myo Pro’ training I can clearly see how I can achieve these goals. The training has given me the confidence and the tools to make these changes. The training has provided me with an efficient problem-solving treatment framework to work within which will allow me to reduce treatment timeframes while continuing to maintain great results with patients. As a result of this I will now be able to see more patients each week and earn more money without having to work longer hours.