I used the shown method for headache patient & achieved faster results due to an organized plan of action.

In Australia, I lacked confidence. With the Myotherapy in Mauritius as well as the methods, confidence is now I believe my strongest point.

I absolutely love the success-focused approach v/s the time-focused approach. If the results are achieved in 20mins I don’t dwell on the issue. Goodbye & see you in 7 days or I ask if they have another issue.

I believe that this training has re-established the value & positioning of myotherapy on the market. In Oz & outside Oz, where hierarchy amongst the allied health industry means absolutely nothing. It has certainly given me the following feeling of fulfilment in my chosen industry: Lions do not lose sleep over the opinion of Sheep! Returning to Oz now after 2 years in Mauritius, I couldn’t feel any better as a Myotherapist.

I found it very helpful to follow the prompts.