I’ve had at least 4 or so success stories since starting this course. A few have resulted in COMPLETE decrease in pain (to the point the client is manoeuvring their neck to try and find the ‘sore spot’ again) and huge increase in function and pain decrease (from someone who got told they had NO disc in their L4/L5, in pain for 10+ years and being told by practitioners that they ‘would not lay a hand on them’ to them calling me the next day with NO pain). I have loved every minute of this course and it’s only increased my passion for the industry even more.

I’d say yes it has. Mainly when it comes to being able to explain to patients why pain happens, what it’s happening for, and why I’m doing what I’m doing. They see confidence in me and they then have confidence as well. Being able to track and follow pain to increase the effectiveness of treatment has happened a lot more for me now than what it ever has.

I haven’t changed my time frames of efficiency as much yet, but I’m seeing results in more quickly throughout a treatment than what I used to.

I started this training to help me kick start my new business (currently 6 months in) and I have a great feeling already. Word of mouth is a big thing in Myo and it’s already starting to happen for me.