Myotherapy is muscle and tendon manipulation that can align the body, restore movement and resolve pain!

‘Myo’ means muscle.

Myotherapy is skilled hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues (muscles and tendons).

Treatment is often performed through clothing or material and at times other techniques are used such as dry needling, stretching, postural education and rehabilitative exercise.

Myotherapy is not just for muscle pain . . .

Just because Myotherapy manipulates muscle and tendon, does not mean that Myotherapy only treats ‘muscle pain’. On the contrary, skilled manipulation of the ‘soft tissues’ has the ability to align the spine and restore movement to joints. In fact much of the pain that Myotherapy deals with would not be considered ‘muscle pain’ at all. Symptoms like arthritic joint ache, headache, sciatic pain or tennis elbow all respond famously to Myotherapy treatment.

Solving long term pain . . .

The hallmark of Myotherapy is the ability to get to the bottom of reoccurring or unresolved pain. The secret to resolving long standing pain is in the ability to figure out faulty movement patterns or subtle postural changes that the body has adopted. When posture and movement are improved, lasting relief can be achieved.

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