About Fast and Functional


Fast and Functional is a functional neuromyofascial technique. It is fast because very intentional and specific soft tissue manipulation can resolve pain and restore movement in seconds.

It is functional because movement is retested immediately during treatment and the location of manipulation is adjusted depending on where the patient feels pain or restriction. This means that the treatment is patient guided and it means the therapist can work towards full pain-free, stiffness-free function before prescribing conditioning exercises.

The flagship course is ‘FNFT : Foundations’. This course provides a clinical rationale and a problem solving framework that the technique is employed within.

Courses for specific regions are delivered as face to face 2 day workshops and are under development. The current 2 day workshop Fast and Functional – Headache and TMD has been run in Australian capital cities and in the USA during 2018 and 2019 with great feedback. FNFT – TMD and Orofacial pain is now ONLINE. Access it HERE.

About Fast and Functional : Foundations

You should be the GO TO practitioner in your area for common chronic pain complaints. 

If you’re not. We need to talk.

Schedule a 15 minute strategy session with me HERE so we can look at your business and technique in detail, look at where you can improve and calculate the true capacity of your business.

I have found great success as a Myotherapist and this training has been developed to pass on to you everything that has contributed to that success. The aim of FNFT Foundations is to provide training for manual therapists with a practical focus, that you can use immediately in the clinic. You will feel more confident in your treatment, get consistently great results, and ultimately get more job satisfaction, a list of patients that love your treatment and a thriving practice.

In short, how I engage patients, my process of assessment, my hands on technique, my treatment framework, a scientific rationale behind the technique and much much more. FNFT is my METHOD. Piece by piece, the A to Z of what has given me success and how you can be successful too.

What does the training include?

I believe that most manual therapists need training that gives them confidence, professionalism and an efficient technique to sustain practice for a long time. I can help you improve in all three.

How is the foundations training delivered?

FNFT Foundations is designed to suit the busy therapist – 6 modules over 6 weeks.
The delivery format is intentionally designed to suit you in your clinical context. Completing the course over a 6 week time frame enables you to integrate the content into your clinical practice in a lasting way. And, the great advantage of online training is that you have the benefit of revisiting any specific videos or tutorials multiple times until you master the concept or the technique.

Is there support provided with the training?

Fast and Functional Foundations is delivered with clear instructions on how to navigate the training content and apply it in your clinical context.

About FNFT : TMD and Orofacial pain

FNFT – TMD and Orofacial pain is run as a face to face workshop in Australian capital cities and USA. Dentists, Orthodontists, Physiotherapists and Soft tissue therapists are using these techniques to quickly and effectively treat TMJ symptoms, head and orofacial pain and dysfunction. Join FNFT Learning community to receive workshop dates first.