testimonial – Jackie Stephens

Watch a video tutorial of Tim’s problem solving framework here.

I absolutely loved the course and found it so valuable in being able to actually apply the modules into my treatments.

I have found myself wanting to rewatch modules time and time again. I think I feel like I can fix people better than I ever have before and that this training has tweaked my treatments so patients are getting the most out of each treatment. I now get every patient to pinpoint their pain each and every treatment, which helps me to know exactly where there pain is coming from. I dont have to put so much energy and time into the treatment I’m able not feel I’m rushing the treatment, I’m retesting all the way thru the session.
I feel that I have the tools to provide more lasting relief. For example a male patient early 40’s very restricted range of motion and pain in his neck for 4 years , at the end of the first treatment he had almost full ROM and that held until the following treatment which was 2 weeks apart and his range is increasing and holding which he hasn’t had in as long as he can remember. He is surprised at how well it is holding, having previously seen so many therapists. I’m seeing this time and time again, so if a neck complaint comes in I know I can fix it!!
As another example of my success applying this technique: A 33 year old female chronic headaches for 3 years, no headache for over three weeks. Previously she was only getting a weeks relief from my treatments. I can’t wait to follow her up again! When I started applying what I’d been learning in the modules I told her I’m going to try a few different things she thinks what I’ve done is amazing! 🙂