TESTIMONIAL- Marcus Janetzki

I’ve got a number of clients using the term “magic” when their pain disappears after a short manipulation. I’ve had a professional athlete ask if I can work a weekend to attend a competition he is competing in – in Melbourne!…

The training has bought back to the surface much of the knowledge that has laid dormant from previous training. It is testing what I have known once and not used, which is great. It is also making me look at my treatments differently, and how I can effect change more permanently for my clients. Also I feel like I have a clients full attention when explaining why they might be experiencing pain, how the 7 day rule works, and how, as a Myotherapist, I can help,

Old habits die hard. I’ve treated for far too long as a Remedial Massage Therapist for it all just to suddenly change but it is happening. Even my clients who I still treat for an hour massage are being subjected to 20-30 minutes of calculated Myotherapy before their massage. And no one seems to mind 🙂

This training has finally set me on a path to being the professional I have tried to be for many years, to be solely reliant on my clients and my business as my only source of income, and allowing me to be able to support my family and life, while continuing to do what I love. It brings me one step closer to dropping my second (safety) job and to free up time to spend with my family. (I might reword this a bit if you want to use it as a testimonial)
The quality of the presentation and the information is fantastic.